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December 16, 2011


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Dear Swamiji

I find your article about Khal Bhairo to be totally ridiculous!!! Khal Bhairo was created by Lord Shiva when there was a dispute between the fifth head of Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu as to who is greater. Lord Shiva created Lord Bhairo and commanded him to cut off the fifth head of Lord Brahma and then peace was restored. Check the Shiva Purana for yourself!!! Dee baba is not Khal Bhairo. He is the split image of Mother sita and Lord Ram’s son lau called kush. Lord Bhairo is NOT the devil. I am sure if you turn ON comments ALOT of people will disagree and provide more proofs. I suggest you either make corrections or simple remove such lies from your website!! Its misleading…. Remember people look at spiritual leaders for knowledge and when they are misled, God is watching.

hi Selwyn,

First of all i am glad to hear that God is watching me , i did not know that.  The story of Kush conflicts with all the other stories in the Ramyan.  You are all wrong about the puranas …that was Veer bhadra and Lord Bhairava. I am not sure who is kal Bhairo…I did not know about him 20 years ago . All I know is that people who were worshiping  kal bhairo came to me with problems and since they were offering rum and blood of animals to this kal bhairo , i asked them instead  to offer prasad and milk and dhar to lord shiva,and their problems stopped. People who transferred their attention got better results in their life.

Maybe you know Kal bhairo more than me because i do not want a god that smokes, drinks rum and sacrifices animals… do you? To date I have rescued over 40,000 people from this kind of worship and brought them to shiva,,,their life is more successful and happy …If you do a check yourself you will find that many kal bhairo worshipers are broke, miserable , unmarried, cannot have children and depressed in their lives. I guess you are one of those rich ones. I did take off the comments on the site  but I do publish all the comments i receive in my email. Would you give permission to publish your letter and my answer… after all both sides of the knowledge should be given to the readers

Swami Ram

Dear Swami

I have no problem with you publishing my replies. To my belief…Lord Bhairava and Khal Bhairo is the same hence I refer to the Shiva Purana. That of which I mentioned previously is in fact in the Shiva Purana. I am a ‘sada’ devotee but also respect the sacrificial side of the mother’s work. There must be balance in the world. Just as you beat the taapo drum in a sada temple of the mother someone must have killed the goat to get the skin to cover that drum. Hope you understand where I am coming from.

For me, I worship him as Maha Khal Bhairo as an aspect of Lord Shiva. He has helped me alot in life, especially my job. As I have said before…I don’t offer him rum or alcohol but milk dhar, deeya light, yellow flowers and fruits. I am not rich but all my bills are paid on time and I have food and shelter and I am happy. Btw, I am a Trinidadian.

Hi selwyn,

If Lord SHIVA is the lord of the universe, is it not better to worship him rather than a lower creation than Kal Bhairo?  Would you not get more out of Lord Shiva . Trinidadians have gotten more help from me in this area much more than other natives of other countries .

Kal Bhairo is not kal Bhairva …You are making that connection in your MIND but its not a fact as Kal bhairo  was developed from the hindus outside of india after they left india and is synonymous with the African god bhairo that sacrifices animals and drink their blood…Kal bhairava is the form of lord shiva that guards the burial grounds and drinks “bang” or the juice of the dhatur plant which is somewhat poisonous is blue in color.

Anyway , this is your view of kal bhairo and I am not here to change it , you have to realize it your self. , As i said before the proof is not in the theory or the books …the proof is in the experience…you will have to answer the question of kal bhairo when you face the women and children who have been beaten, raped, molested by kal bhairo worshiping fathers and brothers and family members. Can you explain this to the woman who have been raped by Kali church priests and who are unable to get pregnant because their wombs are twisted by eating the sacrificed meat from the temples. Can you explain to the woman who’s body is being violated by kal bhairo like spirits in their dreams, who after seeing me was able to get better results in life after moving away from the kal bhairo worship. I am not interested as to whether kal bhairo is God or not. All I am interested in as a Swami is in helping people, and after seeing over 40,000 hindus I am just stating the observations I have made in my work. That observation is still helping people. IN the end anybody can worship whoever they want, and its not me who is going to be the judge of Kal Bhairo, its going to be the Americans and the Europeans. You already know how they feel about sacrifices in the Muslim and Jewish Religion. As more Hindus get more educated in the knowledge of the Rishis, more and more people will realize that God exists within every human being as ” So-ham” . If sacrifice was so important, Can I sacrifice you?

Swami ram

OK , I agree , to each his own..then you are surely not aware what is going on in the kal bhairo temples and the condition of the members. You also are now switching your comment to Kal Bhairava who i did accept as a form of lord shiva and is now your are against Bhairo. You do not seem to understand that Mother kali who is part of Lord shiva and Kal Bhairava who is also part of lord shiva has been used in vain by people who are using their names to do devil worship in what is so called ” a kali temple” where Kateri ( known as KOTERI in the Vedas) is a flesh eating spirit and blood drinking one. Bhairo is clearly not Kal bhairava. This is because people who have evil intentions is able to satisfy their desires for meat, alcohol and cigarettes. This is no different from African Vodoo, Spanish Santeria  or Black magic. YOu should order my book from the Internet ” Challenging God” if you would like to know more and read about the actual cases I have documented. I hope this will close this discussion and the book will answere all your questions.

swami ram

Hello Swami,

In Trinidad, I can clearly say that we worship him as indeed an aspect of Lord Shiva, so you are wrong in that matter. I have seen people do devotion to khal bhairo and got help with there family life, jobs etc. I have never heard of this kal bhairo from Africa you speak of. I think that could indeed be a evil spirit taking the name of khal bhairo and bringing him down!!! Just as you have helped alot of people, I have also seen people get help from him. When you speak of rape in the kali temple that does not make the temple or the Devi Kali bad…its the people themselves. In my opinion, there are people who want help and people who need help. their is a difference, people who want help will have you do their devotion for them if possible and people who need help will be genuine and sincere with devotion and get help. EVERYBODY makes mistakes even you and I from time to time it doesn’t make the church, temple or mosque a bad place. You have to also realize that everything in life is a sacrifice, not only when people kill a fowl or goat. When you pick a flower from a tree to offer to God thats a sacrifice, you spend time with family…thats a sacrifice, spend time with God …thats a sacrifice. I think instead of criticizing you should teach people about the true kal bhairva cause that is whom we worship and not this bhairo you speak of from Africa. You should clearly state which one YOU speak of. God can do many great things that we could never comprehend.   I have seen evil spirits take the name of Lord Shiva and do havoc in that family and they got help in the Kali temple. I think you need to educate people that evil spirits can take any name of the devta or devi and cause harm. Take time to consider the good that khal bhairva does for us as well. there is always two sides to a story. all in all you simply need to define in your articles the evil spirit that claim the name of our lord Bhairva. And by the way, I read another article of yours…do you believe mother Kali to be good or bad?

OK  Selwyn,

I agree , to each his own..then you are surely not aware what is going on in the kal bhairo temples and the condition of the members. You also are now switching your comment to Kal Bhairava who i did accept as a form of lord shiva and is now your are against Bhairo. You do not seem to understand that Mother kali who is part of Lord shiva and Kal Bhairava who is also part of lord shiva has been used in vain by people who are using their names to do devil worship in what is so called ” a kali temple” where Kateri ( known as KOTERI in the Vedas) is a flesh eating spirit and blood drinking one. Bhairo is clearly not Kal bhairava. This is because people who have evil intentions is able to satisfy their desires for meat, alcohol and cigarettes. This is no different from African Vodoo, Spanish Santeria  or Black magic. YOu should order my book from the Internet ” Challenging God” if you would like to know more and read about the actual cases I have documented. I hope this will close this discussion and the book will answere all your questions.

swami ram sends blesings

Hi Swami,
I am aware of at least the Mother Kali temple that I run in Trinidad and is also aware that their are some people out there with evil intentions and is using the Mother’s and Master’s name in vain BUT my point is that when you speak of Bhairo you NEED to be specific what are you referring to as people will get confused about bhairo and bhairva which is whom we do worship to!! We as spiritual leaders will know the difference but for the devotees it can be confusing as I myself was confuse when I read your article. That is my only point I was making. I hope you understand my point of view….

Ok chello,

I understand, but as spiritual leaders we need to perform actions that will protect the people from destroying them selves in their own worship.  YOu become their Guru and Teacher and I am sure you do not want a bad teacher for your children. We cannot go tell them that Goddess Durga has a brother that drinks rum and smoke cigarettes when such things are not in the devi puran. We cannot say that they are  9 sisters when its really 9 forms of woman hood. There can only be one mother for each person not a LILl mother and big mother. How many mothers do you have …1 or 9. There is no such thing as a lil mother and big mother in reality. There is only one shakti and that’s durga. In truth the 10th plate is not to be given to kal bhairo ( there is no evidence of this in the devi puran) but to her husband Shiva who in the shiva puran married the 9 forms of durga or shakti maa. Only then the Durga puja becomes fruitful. I have done 1000.s of these with successful results. Some women who were considered barren actually got conceived 2 weeks after the puja.   As spiritual leaders we must show progress in our own life before we can teach others to progress . A DROWNING MAN cannot SAVE A ANOTHER PERSON DROWNING. It is the responsibility of every priest and spiritual leader to preserve life and help people to progress in their life. You can worship any god you want, as long as it is for the good of mankind and you will gain the good karma for this. Recently ( just to lt you know) a new GOD of American VISA was recently created in India. People have taken the Word God as a joke nowadays. As a true Hindu , lets make our religion so scientific that every westerner will respect our priests and our people. If you notice Americans took the Yoga and The meditation science away from Hindus already..but NOTE: they have not connected to Kal bhairava or the Kali Church..

You letters are already being published ..check it out on . Let me know if you have any questions

with great love and blessings

Swami ram

Hi Swami,

I agree. As spiritual leaders we NEED to protect both our religion and people. Well said! I have indeed noticed that alot of people using religious institutions to make money or gain fame and that sort. I have opened a Kali temple here in Trinidad ( a sada temple ) and I intend to teach the people about the good aspect and hope to clear the misconceptions of the Devi. I hope to be an inspiration to the devotees and hopefully be able to change the evil thinking of the false Pujaries that are causing people to loose faith in God. So far, I have been able (with the Divine Mother Kali and Lord Shiva’s blessings) to heal alot of people in my country. The temple have been opened 6 years now and so far all is well. The temple is called Maha Rani Bhawani Maa Shakti Mandir.

Sita Ram….


Now I see the true Bramhin in you. I have visited many Kali temples in India and it was amazing and surprising to see that instead of a Murti of Kali inside ( as I expected ) that it was a huge murti of DURGA. I asked the priest why, and i almost felt embarrassed when the priest said ” Arre bhaiji, Kali is Mother Durga” then iI realized that if i wish to have the shakti in my life I must always see her as Durga form. In her Kali form , the husband had to play dead to calm her anger………

I wish you well Selwyn in your efforts and I welcome you aboard with me to fight this darkest part of our Hinduism. On my trip to Trinidad I would be glad to visit your temple. At this moment over 500 pundits buy my yearly patra book in the USA . If you wish I will be glad to send you one as a gift. My patra will help you to heal more people and provide accurate assessments on exactly what kind of puja people would have to do for that year.

Many great blessings for you to continue the good work

Jai seeta ram


February 21, 2011


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Can man be blessed by offering sacrificed animals to god

Can man be blessed by offering sacrificed animals to god

Kal Bairo has its origins in the ancient Vedic scriptures. In the fight to take control of the universe, a tug-of-war ensued between the Dewtas [divine forces] and Rakshas [evil forces] in the story of the churning of the ocean of milk. To visualize the churning motion, think of the old fashioned way of churning butter using the ookrie [mortar] and moosar [pestle]. Lord Vishnu is the dominant God in this story and oversees the entire operation by providing two extensions of his own form. In one form , he is the cosmic turtle resting in the depths of the milky ocean [the ookrie] and mountain Mehru is the pestle [moosar] which rests on his back. In his other form, he becomes Vasuki, the cosmic serpent whose middle is wrapped around the churning stick. The Dewtas took hold of one end of Vasuki and the Rakshas took hold of the other end. As the tug-of-war began, the entire ocean churned. At first, all the poisons arose and were squirted out of the depths of the ocean, then Goddess Laxmi emerged and finally the elixir of immortality [amrita] was flushed out.

Lord Vishnu, adopting the form of the beautiful Mohini, began to share the amrita to the Dewtas. One of the rakshas disguised himself as a Dewta and received some of the amrita. The imposter was quickly recognized by the Sun and the Moon who immediately told Lord Vishnu. Before the raksha could drink the amrita, Lord Vishnu used his chakra weapon and cut the raksha in half. But the raksha had already swallowed the first few drops of the amrita and technically attained the higher status of a Dewta. The one half of the raksha’s body was flung to the North and became known as RAHU [the North Node] and the other half became known as KETU [the South Node]. This is why in the NAV-GRAHA PUJA, we continue to worship both Rahu and Ketu as two of the nine planets which influence our lives.

Rahu is like the drunken vagabond of the family of Dewtas who we continue to acknowledge during our puja ritual. But we do not want to invoke his influence into our lives. In other words, we do not want to do a puja directly to Rahu. He has the power to grant our requests but the price which we will have to pay is too high. Yet some pundits continue to do exactly this, while others unknowingly invoke Rahu into the lives of many by performing the Durga Puja incorrectly.

It is Rahu who has become known as Kal Bairo in the West Indies and is depicted as the dark deity in Hinduism. He has a demon-like face with red eyes. His female counterpart is referred to as Kateri. Worship of Kal Bhairo is performed because of material greed. In order to satisfy some material desire, usually to acquire wealth, a live sacrifice of an animal is made and rum and cigarettes are offered to this deity. While some differences may exist in the performance of the worship, the desire and the outcomes are substantially the same.

In the Indian Province of Madhya Pradesh, devotees built a temple dedicated to the dark DeityBhairav to whose idol, liquor is offered. African slaves who inhabited the British colonies in the West Indies brought Kal Bairo from Africa as a voodoo deity with a black dog. In Guyana Kal Bairo is also known as Landmaster and in Trinidad, he is called Dee. In the Muslim religion, the equivalent of the dark Deity is Qurbani; in Christianity, he is called Satan; in the Spanish community, he is known as SantaRina. Amongst West Indians, Kal Bhairo worship takes place in the form of a rum puja, in which a chicken, goat or pig is sacrificed, rum and cigarettes are offered and a black flag is raised. Material wealth is usually asked for by the persons performing the puja and documented cases show that Kal Bhairo often grant their wishes. Pleasant and inviting as all this may sound however, worship of this dark deity is not without its problems and consequences, for any debt which is incurred must be repaid.

Once the sacrifice is made for the first time, no matter how many generations ago, Kal Bairo demands continuance and current generation families who do not continue the tradition and who may not even know that their parents or grand-parents practiced Kal Bairo worship feel the negative effects in their lives. One may rightly ask why should I bear the consequences of the actions of my parents or fore-parents? Let us examine the scenario of borrowed money. Your parents borrowed a loan from a bank and built the house in which you grew up. You enjoyed the fruits from that debt and when your parents die, the unpaid debt falls to you, the children. All unpaid debt is transferred through the future generations.

Each life form on earth was given a certain value. When your grandfather killed the chickens, goats or pigs, they terminated that life before its time. That soul did not get to complete its karma in its present form and now must wait in purgatory until it can be reborn again. In other words, the spirit of that animal becomes very angry and as more animals are killed over the years, the number of angry spirits increase and the debt grows. When a person dies an untimely death, that person’s soul was not prepared for death and this soul may get lost and wander around in the astral dimension looking for a body to take re-birth. Similarly, when an animal is killed in ritual sacrifice, that defenseless animal has died an untimely death. The spirit of the animal is angry at the person who ended its life before its time. This angry spirit, in its effort to continue its karmic life on earth, has to possess a human body to continue the rest of the time it was supposed to live in the first place. The person most likely to be possessed by such an angry spirit is either the person who has taken the life of that animal, or all the people who have participated in the eating of the meat of the sacrificed animal. The possession of the person’s body can vary in intensity dependent upon the person’s karmic background, how religious the person was prior to the Kal Bairo worship and what kind of foods they eat.

Sometimes, persons with good intent unknowingly attract Kal Bairo into their lives due to a catastrophic mistake made by some pundits during a Durga Puja ritual. Mother Durga, the consort of Lord Shiva represents the procreative forces and family and devotees worship this Deity to receive her blessings. During the Puja ritual, nine plates of prasad offerings are made to worship the nine forms of Mother Durga. Some of the less knowledgeable pundits offer the tenth plate to Kal Bairo instead of to Lord Shiva. Now remember that Mother Durga is married to Lord Shiva and the symbolism of the tenth plate offering in the puja ritual is to recognize that union. Therefore, how can a pundit be correct in offering that tenth plate to Kal Bairo instead of to Lord Shiva? The devotee and their family, thinking all is well, continue their lives only to find problems and hardships begin to infest their lives and often, mysterious occurrences begin to manifest themselves such as the appearance of worms or black bugs in the house. Family members begin to have bad dreams; tempers flare and quarrels and fights happen frequently; health problems surface; job problems occur; a fire may destroy the house and other financial distress result.



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In the ancient Puranic texts, it is stated that during the first 35 days of a child’s life after birth, one Deity will visit the child’s body each day. When a child is born with a heavy load of karmic debt, however, the evil spirits prevent the visits of the Deities and they inhabit the child’s body instead. In a recent case handled by Swami-Ji, a mother told him that when each of her children were being born, they will choke almost to the point of dying. Her priest always told her that she had to make an animal sacrifice to save the child and she did.

This was a case where Kal Bairo wanted to be repaid for past debts and so he choked the child to scare the parents who then killed an animal to satiate his thirst for blood. The parents made a choice for their innocent child who now incurred more bad karmas. As these children grew they began to encounter all types of problems and disaster after disaster forced the mother to seek the help of Swami-Ji.

You may very well ask, does everyone who kill animals for food or in sacrificial rituals incur a load of karmic debt?

As stated before, Kal Bairo usually grant the person their material wishes for wealth for a period of time but takes one important thing away – the person’s true happiness. What is a Hindu’s ultimate happiness? It is their children and their daily well-being. Usually the presence of Kal Bairo in your life is indicated by any of the following:

  • Kal Bairo will usually take away a person’s child through miscarriages, abortions or death at a young age. It is almost guaranteed that the first child or the youngest child will go in this way.
  • The womb of women become twisted and they have severe back and neck pains. Therefore their enjoyment of love making and pleasurable sex life is taken away.
  • Kal Bairo sometimes take the form of dead relatives and come in the night and make love to females in the home. One sign of this is unexplained bruises on the body noticeable especially in the mornings.
  • People who own animals may see that one or more of these animals die suddenly for no apparent reason. E.g: a healthy milking cow will suddenly fall over and die for no explainable reason.

The circumstances will appear to be so natural that people generally miss the relationship between the DEATH of their child or animal and the DEBT owing to the dark Deity Kal Bairo.



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Generally, a person who worships Kal Bairo will have the following symptoms:

  • Their body will darken in color
  • Their eyes will have dark rings around them
  • Their eyes may become red or pink
  • Their body will vibrate during prayers
  • They will experience pain in the knees
  • Women will have uterus problems
  • The person will experience back pains, neck pains and headaches
  • The person will have a lot of blockages in life – no job, broken marriage
  • Women may experience sexual contact with evil spirits
  • If religious mantras are being recited, the person may get up and dance
  • The person may become addicted to tobacco and alcohol
  • The person is always dressed in black clothes and is attracted to the color black



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Reverse Kundalini

AbstractIn Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu, our Hindu God or the Cosmic Universe, rests on the thousand hooded snake or serpent energy called Sheshnaag. This is called Serpent Energy because all energy travels in a wave like form and so the wavelike motion is comparable to the movement of a Snake. The Bible states that God created Man in His own image. Thus all elements contained in the Universe is also contained in the Human Body. The foundation of the universe in Hinduism known is known as the Sheshnag or Kundalini Energy and the human Sheshnaag is represented by the skull and backbone that provides support to our universe – our human body.

The skull represents the head of the Serpent, the spine represents the body of the Serpent and the tailbone represents the tail of the serpent energy. In the human body, the tailbone of the spinal column comes to rest in the area of the Muldahara Chakra in which reside the sleeping serpent energy called the Kundalini. In a scientific sense, this Kundalini can be imagined as a dormant ball of nuclear energy that is kept safely housed in a protective casement of lead and heavy water. If that protective casing should break suddenly as it is done in an Atomic Bomb, it will release a massive explosion of nuclear energy and cause untold destruction such as the one the world experienced at Hiroshima or at the Chernobyl nuclear facility in Russia. (Similarly, if this Kundalini energy is aroused suddenly in the human body without proper guidance from a Holy Guru, it can cause untold destruction in the human body system and lead to insanity, loss of sexuality, depression, homosexuality and more.

Normal Kundalini awakening occurs as a person reaches adolescence, then peaks at age twenty-one. This serpent coiled at the base of the spine is comparable to a coiled spring slowly unwinding its energy until the age of 21 is reached. Between birth and age 14, if the unwinding of this energy is interfered with through abuse or molestation, then this will be considered a sudden or rude awakening of the Kundalini.

One of the most dangerous aspects of the sudden awakening of this Kundalini energy is called the Reverse Kundalini. In this state, the head of the serpent switches place with its tail and causes a severe disruption within the human body systems. The person with a Reverse Kundalini usually acts outside the norms of society and are quite often labeled as ‘crazy’.

This article will discuss the causes of Reverse Kundalini, illustrate the practical life impacts of Reverse Kundalini and describe ways to manage and eventually correct the severe trauma caused by Reverse Kundalini.

Case HistoryIn September 2003, a worried mother came to seek the help of Sri Swami Ram at the New York location of the Hindu Learning Center. She explained that her son Paul is refusing to consummate the marriage with his new wife Maya, and that this was causing severe tension and embarrassment in the family. As Swami-ji dug deeper into the case, he found out that when the boy was born, he was on the verge of death. A Pujarie (priest) advised that if the parents performed a ritual to KalBairo, the child could be saved. In their ignorance about KalBairo and the devastating effects that any association with this Devil can have on a family, the parents agreed and they sacrificed the life of a pig in order to save the child. The child did not die but when he grew up to be about nine years old, Rick, a friend of the father began to sexually abuse the young lad. This abuse continued until the young man fled to the United States.

Paul started a new life in New York City but his sexual drive became so intense that he had no choice but to find a partner to relieve himself. Usually he will masturbate himself more than five times per day because of this intense desire for sex. He sought out anyone who was willing to have sex with him. Since it was very difficult to approach women at that young age, he sought out male friends who had similar desires. He became very active in his sexual life with other boys from his old community and later also, in the Gay community in New York.

In 2002, the parents used their influence to force the young man to go to Guyana and marry a girl in an arranged ceremony. Paul went along with his parents’ wishes. While there, his sexual urges got the better of him and he had sex with his new bride. He returned to the United States and filed the proper immigration papers to bring his new wife to live with him in New York. However, while his wife papers were in the process and she was waiting in Guyana, he soon returned to his old way of life in the Gay community in New York. When he learnt that his new bride became pregnant as a result of his sexual liaison with her, Paul insisted that she must secure an abortion before she immigrated to the United States. She bent to his wishes and aborted the fetus. In 2003, she joined Paul in New York and in the five months that they were living together, he did not touch her in a loving or sexual way. The girl complained to her mother-in-law who ended up at the Hindu Learning Center to obtain a Jyotish reading from Swami-ji that would detail the future of Paul’s life and his marriage.

Jyotish AnalysisSri Swami Ram is a true Jyotishi. He has utilized his combined academic background in Quantum Mechanics and Computer Technology to perfect the knowledge of Jyotish, obtained from the ancient Vedic scriptures. He developed a sophisticated mathematical software application that allows him to pin-point specific incidents in a person’s life and narrow those incidents down to specific times of occurrence. Thus he was able to tell not only that Paul was physically abused but he was also able to tell the exact period of time that he was subjected to such abuse. Further, Swami-ji was able to tell the mother with great accuracy the type of life that Paul was living in the gay community. He predicted that death would occur in the family if the couple remained married. Swami-ji identified that Paul was suffering from the effects of Reverse Kundalini, a situation triggered by the initial traumatic incidence of sexual abuse when he was nine years old.

For the sake of simplicity and to protect client privilege and confidentiality, Swami-ji uses a Numbering System. He determined that Paul was a Number 7. He also determined that the girl whom Paul had married is a Number 2. Thus when Paul and his wife unite, they become a Number 9(7 + 2 = 9) which signifies Death in the near future. In fact at the time of writing, Paul has already made two attempts to commit suicide. Please note that a prominent Pundit Astrologer in New York City had incorrectly advised the family that the proposed marriage between Paul and the girl would be a good match. At the consultation, Swami-ji told the family that the match was a deadly one and that any knowledgeable pundit should have known that.

My dear devotees, this commentary is made in the most respectful way with only one aim in mind. And that aim is to unequivocally state that the various forms of commercial Astrology that is being practiced by Pundits put people’s lives at risk. The single-most important recommendation that I can make in this paper is for each householder to gain an understanding of the difference between Astrology and Jyotish. Only then will the practicing Pundits be forced to upgrade their knowledge and reduce the risk about the predictions that they make on peoples lives. Through the Jyotish readings, Swami-ji found that if Paul had consummated the marriage and was continuing to have frequent sexual intercourse with his wife after she arrived in New York, the family would have faced untold disasters, including the possibility of Death. In fact, Swami-ji asserted that if Paul had made a third attempt at suicide, the chances are that he would have been successful.

The KalBairo Effect on PaulThe spirit of the pig that was sacrificed when Paul was born became very angry because it was sold to the Devil called KalBairo in exchange for Paul’s life. The vengeance of that spirit against Paul was severe and as he grew, the angry spirit sought revenge. With guidance from KalBairo, that angry spirit continuously influenced the subtle mind of the friend of Paul’s father who was a trusted family member with unlimited access to the growing child. With the angry spirit as guide, the predator soon embarked on his mission of destruction against the defenseless body of young Paul.

In ordinary loving sexual encounters, the energy splits into two segments in the region of the Muldahara Chakra and is slowly released. When there is a vicious sexual attack however, during which the Devilish perpetrator’s sole aim is to carry out its vengeance and punish its victim, the cumulative energy in the region of the Muldahara Chakra does not get an opportunity to be released slowly but simply explodes. In extreme cases, this causes the Kundalini of the victim to open and release its own energy in a mighty implosion. The Kundalini energy turns inside-out as it shoots up the narrow passage of the Sushumna carrying the energy-tail of the snake towards the energy-head and bringing the head to where the tail used to be.

Now the energy-snake or human Sheshnaag is turned upside down. The mouth of the snake is at the region of the Muldahara Chakra. It is a scientific fact that a real snake will hiss, snap and bite its prey viciously. So too in this way, we are able to imagine the sexual impulses of someone with a Reverse Kundalini. Their sexual appetite becomes voracious. When they do have sex with others, they tend to be rough and can become vicious at times. This was the effect that the reversal of the Kundalini had on Paul.

But why did the angry spirit of the pig became attracted to Rick, the friend of Paul’s father? The simple answer is because Rick had some bhandana (bondage ties) with KalBairo. In all likelihood, he was a devotee of the Dark Force who performed animal sacrifices to propitiate the Devil. He was in a good position to access the growing child and would be able to act when the time was right.

Why did Paul and Maya got married to each other? Again because of some bhandana that existed between them. In this case, unlike the case with Rick, Swami-ji had access to Maya and thus was able to determine that her parents used to perform Kateri sacrifices. These are sacrifices to KalBairo in his form as the demon called Kateri. God tends to bring KalBhairo descendants together so that they can destroy each other and so the worship of the devil will not be propagated. Most families who practice KalBhairo sacrifices eventually face extinction.

How to Correct the Reverse Kundalini

A Reverse Kundalini can be returned to normal but this can be done only by a holy person who is highly advanced in the Vedic philosophy. Quite often it is a lengthy process that begins with an education of what has actually happened to the individual. Medical science simply labels such individuals as crazy and treat them with various forms of medication that helps to keep them in a state of quiet stupor. However, a highly transcended Guru is able to initiate the process of correction by first helping the individual understand what is really happening to them then begin the normalization process by first performing a Shiva Vraat. Once this is done, a Guru-Disciple relationship begins between the Holy person and the subject and through the positive influence of the sacred energies from the Guru, the subject will slowly begin to heal and return to a normal life style.
With great Love and Respect to all

Sri Swami Ram

Hindu Learning Center /Jyotish Ashram



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  • From debts owed by parents or grandparents
  • By eating food from a Kal Bairo sacrifice
  • By eating prasad at a Kal Bairo or Kateri Puja
  • By eating food from a death ritual
  • By eating food from someone who is possessed by Kal Bairo
  • By having sexual contact with a person possessed by Kal Bairo
  • By eating red meat such as duck, beef or goat
  • By sleeping in a North-South position
  • By performing a Durga pooja and offering the 10th prasad plate to Kal Bairo



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To remove the effects of Kal Bairo, a householder must perform a Durga pooja. The purpose of this pooja is to ask Mother Durga to accept them as her own children and so Lord Shiva becomes their new father. Through this pooja, the person is granted re-birth with the new mother as Mother Durga and the new father as Lord Shiva. With these new parents, the sins of that person’s earth-parents and grand-parents are no longer attached to them. This rebirth cleanses the householder from past bad karmas.

To break the curse from the entire family, all members must contribute equally to the monetary costs of performing the Pooja and the daschina to the preceptor. Each family member must contribute an equal amount of money from their own earnings. Sometimes the evil is so attached to one family member that he will resist all attempts to believe that anything is wrong and will refuse to contribute his share or to participate in the pooja. In such a case, if the other family members are willing to help and protect him, they must put the amount on behalf of that person and must add 10% more to the total cost. In this way, all the family members come under the protection of the GOD-PARENTS. If someone does not participate, that person will continue to suffer.

Once the Durga pooja is complete, the family will begin to notice changes in their lives. As the positive change cycle begins the family must continue to attach themselves to God through the worship of Lord Shiva. The following should be done:

  • A Lord Shiva pooja should be performed each year
  • Family members should chant the mantras provided by the holy person
  • The family should set up an altar in the homes and bathe the shiv-ling when they kneel to say their prayers.

Devotees of Lord Shiva will find that after they return from Kal Bairo, they eventually will develop high psychic ability, their 3rd eye will open and they will have visions of Lord Shiva and other Dewtas.
Swami-Ji noticed that people born under the Deity Laxmi are able to fight off the debts of bad karmas and break the curse, usually on their own. Others are not so successful and must seek help from Mother Durga and Lord Shiva.



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Swami Ram’s New Book!

Read about how to overcome temptation and reject evil in your life!

Message to All Hindus

Please Do Not Confuse Kal-Bhairo with Kal-Bhairava







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YES … YES … and … YES. This can definitely be done. To prevent the effects of Kal Bairo in your life, do avoid the causes as outlined above. In the unavoidable cases where the debt and bad karmas originated from parents, fore-parents or in cases where Kal Bairo was attracted into your life because your pundit did not perform the Durga Pooja ritual correctly, consult a holy person who is knowledgeable in the Vedic scriptures.

There is help in overcoming the negative forces of Kal Bairo. But like the story of the [Churning of the Ocean] the first things that will be eliminated will be the poisons. This will manifest itself in DOUBT, in NEGATIVE THOUGHTS and once a little progress is made, the person will have a STRONG DESIRE TO GO BACK TO OLD WAYS AND BAD HABITS.

Once you are willing to face your own fears, Swami-Ji will help you change your life from misery to one of true happiness.


August 4, 2010


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Letter #1

Good day sir,

I have read your articles on bhairo baba, I go to a Kali temple and bhairo baba saved my life. You have many negative articles about him, but you don’t know of people whose lives and the lives of their children have been saved by him and Kali Maa. I just wanted to ask you to talk to some people who have gotten positive help, reformed alcoholics, people’s whose marriages have been saved. And I have never done sacrifice as I am Brahmin. Spirits interfere with peoples lives and others use I black magic and sometimes the only one who can help is the one you slander. You say Bhairo is not connected to Lord Shiva but my connection to Lord Shiva has grown stronger since praying to Bhairo and Bhairo Baba told me to offer havan to lord Shiva. This is just my experience and my opinion but he des not sound like the monster you make him out to be.

Om Namah Shivay

Sita Ram

Hi Naiee,

I appreciate your good concern about all that i say about Bhairo, but there is a confusion among Hindus between Shiva and Bhairo AND Shiva and KAL BHAIRAVA, who is a true form of shiva that gaurds the burial grounds.

I did not come up with these conclusions of bhairo myself, its because of the people that came to see me that created my analysis of this whole thing about bhairo. After seeing over 30, 000 people and after having practical experiences with thier lives,…. by making them recognize that sacrifices were not a good way to pray to god and making them leave the Kal bhairo temple , their lives were changed around 180 degrees.

I personally have no solid opinion on Bhairo, even though I never knew about him until I started helping people with their problems. As a staunch Shiva devotee, I have found that Kal bhairo in some countries is not the Kal bhairo you are talking about…This bhairo they worship requires the Killing of Goats, Chicken, Fowl cocks, drinking of rum, Vibrating you body and saying that you are God, smoking of cigarettes, and becoming possessed like a lunatic. I do not call this godly worship at all, neither should you. None of our true Hindu Gods shake or vibrate…Shiva is still imovable as ever..when in meditation…… People have two paths to follow, GOOD or BAD…you can choose which one you wish to follow…..Such will be your life….meanwhile, I will continue to fight against ADARMA…which is the duty of all eradicate unhappiness, using knowledge to kill ignorance…this is required of every brahmin….Thru my help the very same people who could not have children now have children…thousands have been helped this way by me….Marriages that were on the verge of destruction have been rescued by me…Many who could not be healed by Doctors have been helped by me…..ALL by making them pray the proper way to the devtas………the facts speak for themselves…..

May Lord Shiva give you the blessing to help many people with knowledge to pray the right way…


Jai seeta ram

Swami ram


Greetings Swamiji

My name is T….. I need your help swami, please help me and my family. Can you tell me if my self and family are affected by evil beings or Kal Bairo? We are really going through some difficulties. Please help my family and my self swami..we really really need your help, My date of birth is 12th February,1982. Respectfully awaiting your reply..thank you.


Thereason i am writing you swami is beacaue i want to know what the future and
the year 2008 has in store for me. I made a request for the 2008 patra
book at Satro’s General Store in Guyana but despite several promises
by Mr.Satro i’m still unable to uplift a copy. I have decided against
asking him again. Swami i’m a regular visitor to your website and so are
my friends and we have all found it to be interesting & life changing
for us.

We have learn about alot of things that we never knew exsisted, thank
you very much for the wisdom. I am at a point in my life where i don’t
know what decisions to make and a bit depress as well. I want to marry
and have a family and be able to clear off our mortage,as well as to
help my parents.Please tell me about my future swami..please, thank you
very much in advance.

Namastey Swami Ram

I know you are a busy person and probably have lots of mail to reply to but i would be really happy if you can answer atleast some of my questions. Here’s the scenario, my dad passed away on July 13th,2008. I had written to you asking whether he was gong to recover and u had told me he had a very bad “grah”…he subsequently passed away. Before that we (my dad,mom,brother,sister & myself) used to have very bad dreams of demons. We don’t eat red meat only fish & chicken, my sister & i used to feel as though somebody else was have sexual intercourse with us. Anway we did Lord Shiva & mother durga pooja after consuting your wedsite like u suggested because i constantly read up on your wedsite. The feeling of sexual intercourse had stopped & life was a bit normal for us until Daddy got sick & passed away on July 13th,2008. We were very close to him..we did everything as a family.

After that We would dream him especially me…i dream of my dad taking me to heaven & telling me how he missed us & will be there for us. The feeling of being in heaven is unexplainable..i can’t find words to describe how i felt up there,i think i saw lord krishna as well. However one night i felt as though the demon was trying to interfer with me again and telling me that “azim” my ex boyfriend who and me are friends

again will never have me again. In the dream i was calling for my father & saying the Krishna mantra & i saw lord krishna appear & fought with him. All was well until last Sunday August 31st,2008. I went to lunch with “azim” and in the night i felt the demon trying to have sex with me & this time he succeeded & i was responding back to him,i could’nt fight with him and was saying the mantra but nothing happen & was crying & calling for my father & lord krishna but they were not coming. After the demon left i was still crying in my dreams & my father appeared in a hurried state and ask what was wrong. I then told him what happen & he was very angry. He told me that he was in “counsel” (meeting i guess ?) and whenever the gods are in cousel the demons take advantage of the situation and would harras people. My dad then took me by the hands & we were going to confront the demon who my father said was very powerful that’s why he got over me & get to overpower me. When we were at the destination the place was so horrible and scary unlike “heaven”. My father called the demon by a name which i do not remember, he came out & was very ugly & much much taller that me and daddy. My father then ask him if he raped his child(me) just now & the demon replied yes.My father then told him that he would pay for doing that in a heavy tone.My father then told me the only solution to that was a war between gods & demons & he going to tell lord Krishna. I saw Lord krishna as well in my dreams looking at me & my dad, my father told me if there was going to be a war the sign would be “the winds blewing very hard” & we should know we see, I then woke up.

What i want to know Swami is:

1. Is this for real or it is only dreams which means nothing.

2. What about the demon having sex with me what should i do..i’m confused. I don’t want to break up again with “azim”

3. I want to know how my daddy died as well..was it natural (according to the doctors he had kidney,pressure & sugar) problems. Chronic renal failure. Or did someone did something to him?

4. Could i have really gone to “heaven” & “hell” ?

5. Can my father do things for making things happen?

Please please swami i really want to do the answers to my questions

Letter #3

Dear Swami,

It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you that
Saturday afternoon at the Miami Book Fair.

I have read your book and have found great insight
into your teachings. My fiancee and I were even able
to choose a date for our wedding: MAY 12. According
to my father, it is also the day that my parents and I
migrated here to Miami from Jamaica in 1979.

I just phoned and left a message regarding a visit to
you regarding my back pain.

At this time, however, I have a more serious concern
about a negative presence in my home that is effecting
my fiancee and I. I believe the negative presence was
brought in by our new neighbor, Lisan, who was here on
Friday evening with her nine year old daughter.

I have lit frankinscence and myrhh in an effort to
remove it and have lit two white jesus candles at the
east section (front door) and west (back door) of the
apartment. However, the presence is even stronger

I will attempt to burn another batch of frankinscence
and myrhh at the east and west sections of the home –
yet the presence is very very strong! There has
always been a loving peace here in our home. This
constant numbness in my arms and neagtive feeling I
receive at the back of my neck is becoming stronger
and stronger…

Please help…

I look forward to hearing from you…

Thank you.



—– Original Message —-
From: “kalbhairochild
Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2006 5:36:17 PM
Subject: Sita Ram

Sita Ram,

Firstly, my name is Sha….., and I attend the Shree Marrie Amma Kali Temple in Miami, Fl. I’m a very good devotee of Bhairav Baba. You know nothing about Kaal Bhairo to start with, so don’t speak of which you don’t know. I’m very offended with that nonsense you have on your website. He is a devta like every other. He’s a form of Lord Shiva, don’t you know that? I’m sorry if you didn’t. Give up your position of being a ‘swami’ because your no good, to put down a devta like that. And also Kateri Mata, you don’t know her, don’t speak of which you don’t know as I’ve said before. She’s very close to Gange Mata, mind you. It won’t serve you any good to put down a devta or devi like that. Would your family like if someone put you down? I don’t think so. He’s a part of them. Any Devi or Devta can give and take, remember that. In any event, I would like to invite you to our temple. Soon I’ll visit yours. Take care and have a nice day. Bye.

– Shalisha

Hi Sha…..

Jai sita ram,

I have given your letter to several people to read and they are very impressed by your defense of kal bhairo and kateri ( vedic name is Koteri – meaning demon goddess). I am not the one that determined that Kal bhairo is bad worshipping…after seeing over 30,000 people and helping over 20 ,000 leave the worhip of kal bhairo for the worship of Lord Shiva, which has resulted in happiness for those people,…I have determined that Kal bairo worship is detrimental to the progress of life. For your information I am not only a Swami but a University Professor of physics. As a result of the change from worshipping Kal Bhairo, thousands of people have gained…those who were not able to have children have been able to have children now, those who were broke returned to prosperity and so on.

DO YOU THINK IT IS RIGHT TO SACRIFICE CHICKENS AND GOATS TO GOD? Does God save lives or take lives. If you are a devotee of Kal bhairo , do you offer RUM and cigarretes to him? …Do you drink and smoke yourself.? Is your life a happy one with all prosperity, health wealth and happiness? If so then you should continue with your worship to kal bhairo, if not try shiva it may improve your life. If alcohol was a good offering why would it have been the #1 killer in the USA. Cigarettes are th main cause of cancer…Do you see SWEET RICE causing any diseases?

You are welcome to my Center, in Kendall, Sha…., You can also send for your Birtdate book Patra, I will be happy to debate you. If you prove to me that kal Bhairo worship is truly helpful to people than I will give up the arguments I have against kal bhairo. BY THE WAY DO NOT CONFUSE BHAIRAVA, a form of Lord shiva, WITH KAL BHAIRO, a sacrificial god originating from Africa and Holland. Chose which side you want to be on….

Blessings and Love


—– Original Message —-
From: SHO….
Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 2:09:52 PM


hi shoma,


i am glad you wrote me, BE CAREFUL, THIS IS NOT A ONE TIME THING, and KALBHAIRO IS NOT GOD …..I am surprised that you do not know that Shiva , durga laxmi are all the Gods together with them you do not get the problems you have now…Avoid going to the kali church…god does not shake, or require rum, cigarrete and sacrifce of life…God gives life…..if you would like to stop your problems of back pain, headaches, bad dreams and blockages you need to do a cleaning and a puja to lord shiva in a regular temple not a kali temple….call me if you need more info 305 386 0308…leave a message i will call you back….also go to my website and look up evil spirits …you will find plenty of info about your problem and kalbhairo…..


swami ram


— R S wrote:

> Can you tell me who is Kateri?
> –
> RS

Hi Reshma,

KATERI is known in the hindu books as KOTERI..a demon goddess that feeds on sacfificail meats and dead animals….It is created when chickens or ducks or birds are sacrificed in magical worshipping of God…..these are not rue worships, so when the soul of the bird is released from the body before time because of sacrifice, the soul will inhabit the the body of the sacrificer and then start to shake or vibrate the person, CLAIMING to be a god such as Durga or Shiva etc. This is false as the God does not possess the human body…the soul of all people are aready Gody in nature….The body does not need to be possessws by a spirit to show that its godly …god does not shake…..

If you are affected by this demon godess…it means that your ancestors or family is involved in sacrifice…you need to do Ganga puja to stop it from affecting your life…

love and blessings
swami ram


Babyboy wrote:

> you have answered all my questions except these
> > If kal-bhairo shadows is on you…will you
> play?
> > can u play if u only pray
> > to him? when and how does a person stop
> > playing….and why do they throw
> > water with dye on themselves and play with fire?
> i am currently going to a kali temple and praying to
> kal bhairo so he can
> forgive me of my familys sins….can i play if i am
> only attendin the church
> doing devotions…..if i do play…how will i
> stop…? this kali church is very
> scary but i have to go to ask for forgiveness from
> kal bhairo for my father.
> > Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 09:25:51 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Swami Ram <>
> Subject: Re: i have a question….please respond if
> you can
> To: Babyboy

Kal bhairo will never forgive you or your family for sins…Only shiva can do that as he is the supreme one that can overcome all sins and curses….praying to shiva stops the sins, and the shaki9ng …Kal Bhairo is a lower earth born spirit and is incapable of forgiving….go toLord Shiva Temple for curing these problems…see a guru or swami for help…

love and blessings
swami ram


> — Babyboy wrote:
> > swami….I have emailed you before with
> > questins….I have another…Why in
> > a Kali- temple do spirits play? why do they play?
> > why does a person play….is
> > it because of a promise made to bhairo that
> wasn’t
> > fulfilled?
> > If kal-bhairo shadows is on you…will you play?
> > can u play if u only pray
> > to him? when and how does a person stop
> > playing….and why do they throw
> > water with dye on themselves and play with fire?
> >
> > please…..i am ver curious….i really need to
> > know. please help me…
> > thank you swami ram.

> Hi
> The reason why people play is because they had
> patricipated in sacrificeing an animal to “God”
> which
> is realy not to God but to devil….the soul of the
> dead animal enters the body of the sacrifer and
> starts
> to push his body back ward (because of karma he has
> now created)….Because his orginal soul is somewhat
> divine its fighting hard NOT to be displaced by the
> incoming untimely dead spirit (which is known as Kal
> Bhairo), hence it begins to pull the body of the
> person back in place, thereby causing a back and
> forth
> motion for the individual…In an effort to reach
> heavenly abodes the dead spirit will possess the
> person and claim that he or ahe is Shiva, kali or
> Durga. This is not true, the dead spirit wants
> people
> to worship it so that it can go to heaven
> the images of Shiva, laxmi etc…they do not
> shake…only the devil vibrates in passion…
> I hope I have answered you question..I have tried my
> best….Go look at the Website you may find more at
> >


Hi Mahen

Jai seeta Ram

THe Vedas do say that Bhairon or Bhairava is a proteector of Lord Shiva devotees…..Do you have a reference verse in the vedas on this? I do not know of any….Anyway maybe you do not know but Lord Bhairon also call Lord Bhairava is a form of Lord Shiva. He protects the dead souls in the burial ground. LORD SHIVA is he is higher than all devtas and demons. He is above all and is reffered to as paraamphar….ie beyond and above illusion….Lord shiva protects all HIS devotes himself…Lord Bhairava is a SUB-Lord and cannot protect devotees better than Lord Shiva himself. The mantra you refer to is not the original mantra The word RUDRA was substituted by the swami by BHAIRON and then given to you…this is a weaker from of the mantra ….Lord shiva protects his devotees in the form of Rudra…the CORRECT MANTRA IN THE VEDAS is OM tat purshaye Vid Mahe tanno RUDRA pracho dayat…meaning O lord shiva come and protect me in the form of STRENGTH & FOUNDATION (rudra)….and this is what you want…

I am not surprised that you are scared as The present form of the mantra creates fear …as Bhairon represents fear and tantric (magic) forces….it all depends on the tyupe of swami or guru you have and wether he uses Gods or Demons to protect you..Both can protect…but God is more permanent…..

I this explanation helps you


Swami Ram

Hi dolly,

Jai seeta ram,

The Rightful husband to Durga is Lord Shiva , not Kalbhairo, The tenth Plate should be given to Lord Shiva. In a Durga puja a person doing the puja is requesting RE-BIRTH through the universal Mother Durga so Durag becomes your Mother and Lord Shiva becomes your Godly Father, YOU become the child who’s life is renewed….What kind of father would you prefer..A Devta Father – Shiva or A DEmon Father – Kalbhairo. In addition there is no record of Durga having a demon brother in our vedic texts…Ask you pundit about this…..Kalbhairo is a demon god worshipped by Africans and Ancient tribal Indians when they used to sacrifice people…It must have gotten mixed in somewhere along the Caribbean history when Slavery existed….

So in future do not give the tenth plate to Kal bhairo…If Your pundit have any questons then tell him to refer to my website…..

Love and Blessings

Swami Ram

Hi Nikita,

I agree with you that People can choose to worship whoever they pleases, and that the lack of proper knowledge is what causes this kind of worship. YOu are very intelligent to be able to see it this way, but again your intelligence in the area of spritual science still seems limited because you are still making a statement that cannot be substantiated by any religious books when you say that KAL BHAIRO is the 5th incarnation of Shiva…..YOU ARE CONFUSING THE FORM OF KAL BHAIRAVA WITH THE UNCIVILIZED WORSHIP OF KAL BHAIRO WHICH INVOLVES SACRIFICE…..your version of Kal bhairo is not in our religious texts…however Kal bhairava is known as the caretaker of the burial ground….as a form of Shiva

You must remember I do not tell people which God they should worship…but I do tell people that for progress, propsperity and happiness they should worship the Devtas….People who choose to worship the Dark side of the universe must be able to accept a path Poverty, sickness. accidents. rape, early death, quarrels, and so on….WHY DON”T YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH on the lives of Kal bhairo worshippers including yours…..YOU can choose which path you want…..

People come to me from the Kal Bhairo Temple for my help..I do not go to them…Just like the Rakshas and demons in the Vedas went to the Gods for help…REMEMBER GOD IS ALWAYS READY TO WELCOME YOU…for Godly people respect LIFE and helps to progrss the world…Demons do not respect life and so they destroy the world…If we allow the demons to rule then even you will not be able to exist in the world….the existence and continuation of the world depends on Godly people NOT THOSE WHO DRINK ALCOHOL, SMOKE AND KILL FOR THEIR HAPPINESS…Even Christ told SATAN(kal bhairo) that KILLING IS SINFUL..( You should read the bible sometimes) ….

Anyway NIKITA, the many “I’s” in your name indicates that you are a coonfused person and that you will worry a great deal in your life….Please try to experience my side of the universe before you make a judgment of wether I am right or wrong

swami ram sends blessings and love

Hi Ardent DEvotee,

I did not start out as a swami looking to find out about Kal bhairo..rather I started looking for ways to heal people and got success by removing kal bhairo from their lives…making people healthier and happier is my objective….being a DEVOTEE IS NOT WHAT IS IMPORTANT…BEING HEALTHY AND HAPPY IS WHAT GOD IS ABOUT….people come to me from the Kal bhairo temple suffering and i cure their problems using Teachings of the vedas…Their are no evidence of Kal bhairo in the Vedas aswell as the Puranas and even in the DEVI PURAN…If you have found such evidence in there please let me know as these are Authoritative books….

I do not tell people to change Religions…but all Religions tell people to stay away from DEVILS OR RAKSHAS HABITS…..Anyway the not everybody can be godly…some must be devilish too in this world….Which one do you choose to be?…If you are truly intelligent then you must choose the BRAHMAN (knowledge) way or you will never be able to help the world….


Jai seeta ram

Hi David,

For you information I have aleady debated with god about Kal bhairo 24000 times and each time i found out everything I wanted to know about kal bhairo…I even used this knowledge to help more than 15 000 people, mostly people who have left the kal bhairo worship and who are now leading successful lives in the worship of Lord Shiva nd hanuman etc….so I know I am RIGHT ABOUT MY KNOWLEDGE ABOUT KAL BHAIRO…..WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HELP OTHERS THAT QUALIFIES YOUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT KAL BHAIRO…..

Since I am already satisfied about my knowledge of KAL BHAIRO…(not CAL-BHAIRO) I DO NOT NEED A DEBATE TO FIND OUT…However if you would like to arrange a public debate on Television on the subject to let the people know who is akl bhairo, then I am willing to join you in that debate for the world to see…..Let me know

Blessings from Lord Shiva

Swami Ram

Jai seeta ram sham,

Why are you shoked to read such things about kal bhairo..are you saying that these things do not happen…I have dealt with 20,000 people so far and my writings are based on my experience with all those who have been affected by this type of worship… Are you saying that there is a Master higher than Shiva?…Can Kal bhairo be higher than God himself?….This does not make sense…..You cannot find Kal bhairo mantras in any Holy books,,,,the Tamil mantras are made up from people who have been participating in Sacrificail rituals since the Dark age begun in kaliyug. Can there be greater powers than the Gods…If evil was so powerful we would all be destroyed…The holy books keep warning you about devil worhip and yo stay away from it…What has the Master done for you that Shiva cannot do better for you?

Don’t you see that we cannot offer the soul of an animal to God by killing the animal before its due time….this will violate the cosmic order and bring downfall to you the sacrificer and als to you family….How is your family doing? are they successful and are they doing well health wise? …You must take a look at all the suffering that Kal Bhairo families are going thru then make your assessments….

I do not tell people who they should worship bu I do present the facts for both sides and let the person decide who they wish to worship…I support all religions and i think that a person gets involved with Kal Bhairo Worship…its is KARMA and that his destruction is sure to follow…BUT HE CAN MAKE A CHOICE to come back to Shiva….ask forgiveness and live a more prosperous and healthy life….

No matter what you say or anyone say…I stll get 100′s of calls every month from people whao have been attacked. molested and ruined by kal Bhairo spirits…What whould you have done in my place?….If you recommend that they appease the Master then IT ONLY WILL LAST OR ONE YEAR then he would be in worse trouble again….or would you have recommeded them to Shiva where they will receie everlasting protection from God under the umbrella of the Devtas…Kal bhairo is only ONE but the GODS are many….

May the Lord bless you so that you can see the light of your own life…I am wiling to help you across if you wish to….Reply me if your wish to do so…

Jai seeta ram

Swami Ram