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Health can be affected by the Location Where You Live
Where you live can determine you health problems and your well-being. SALLY came and saw me a few years ago distressed. Her husband had been admitted into the hospital for the 3rd time already and the doctors could not find out the cause of his sickness. Every time he returned from the hospital after a few days, he would be perfectly healthy for a few weeks and then he would get sick again with his stomach or back. She was very frustrated with this and this affected their financial situation gravely, since he could not maintain his health and work. Sally herself was suffering from lots of back pain and headaches herself. They both were having career problems, and their financial situation was getting worse every week.

I asked Sally her birth date, her husband’s and the address of the location where she lived. I found out her Vedic Birth Code was #5 and her husband’s Vedic Birth Code was #2 and the Vedic Location Code of the home where they lived was #4. This means that the sum of the house # plus Sally’s life code number came out to be #9 (5+4 =9) and her husband’s life code when added to the home became #6 (2+4=6). According to the Vedic Code of Science, when this happens, the inhabitants of the house will suffer from all kinds of health problems. Then asked Sally to sell the home and move quickly. I gave her a chart and told her to use it to buy the house with the right address. After Sally moved, she reported that her life was very peaceful and that she and her husband have never been healthier. She told me her new address had a Vedic home code #3. I was happy to hear this and wished her well. Her lifecode #2 and the new home code #3 came out to be a sum of #5 which was good for her.

The Vedic Home Code in Chapter 5 of this book will help you find out how your home is affecting you and your family members


Wrong Forms of Worship
Please Do Not Confuse Kal Bhairo with Kal Bhairava

Kal bhairava is a Sanskrit form of lord shiva that guards the burial ground so that the souls of the dead ancestors are preserved. Kal bhairava is of only one form

Kal-bhairo is a Sanskrit name for condemned souls of sacrificed animals who haunt human bodies and rob religious people of their goods karmas by misguiding them and draining their energies.

Kal-bhairo takes the forms of many evil spirits and forms that are mostly flesh eating demons……..it can also pretend to be a dead relative.

Kateri is a female form of kal-bhairo and is interpreted in the vedas as a flesh eating demon.

When a person is of a godly nature, their body is steady in prayer…..
When a person’s body is shaking or vibrating or rocking back and forth in prayer that is not godly in nature……

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